Cutco Knives Review

Cutco Knives Review of 2022, Are Cutco Knives Really Worth?

Most of you wonder about the same question that is so particular about the Cutco knives, right? Therefore, in this article, you will go through all of its benefits and unique qualities, which is worth its price. Although stamped knives are less expensive, Cutco knives introduce only expensive forged knives. Sometimes the price even exceeds the cost of other competitive companies. This Cutco Knives Review article contains some of the key features which make this brand trustworthy.

Cutco Knives Review : Quality, Worthiness

Cutco Knives set

CUTCO knives are well-balanced & it is all-purpose knife which have a sharp, subtly curved blade that drops to a functional point. It is ideal use for smooth slicing, dicing  other purposes. About handle it is highly engineered thermo-resin ergonomic to fits on your finger & palm to operate it smoothly. also at the joint strengthen with High Quality Nickel-Silver Alloy Rivets.

What Is Best In This

  • No crack & chip free design
  • Long time durability
  • Triple Rivet Construction
  • Thermo-resin ergonomic handles

Why is Cutco Knive so costly?

The Cutco knives are costly because it is a product from the United States. The production cost there is often high. Also, the manufacturing brand is from the United States. Therefore, there is no chance of lowering the price.

Some of the key features which make this brand trustworthy

Stamped Blades

Stamped blades are very flexible. Thus, it comes in handy while cutting thick foods. Also, it is easier to sharpen it on a whetstone. But it is not as durable as forged knives.

Materials and Construction

Unlike most of the brands, Cutco introduces only one variety of knife sets to you. Which means all of them are of the same material. As all of you know that there are two types of knives found worldwide- stamped and forged. Cutco Knives have stamped blades. Stamped blades are cut out from a piece of stainless steel like a sheet.

Stamped blades are very much affordable and portable. If you ask about the construction process, then Cutco knives are made under laser stamped cutting. A sheet is cut from the carbon AISI 440 A grade stainless steel. The reason behind using this 400A stainless steel is its excellent durability. Also, it acts as a resistance to corrosion.

The knife set has a heat-protected handle too. The material used in making the handles is thermo- resin. Besides heat, the handles are also nonporous and safe from dishwashers. Furthermore, it is also BPA- free. Therefore, it is entirely bacteria-free and would not cause any damage due to moisture.

Besides the material, let us talk about the structure of the knife. The sharpness of the blade is made at an angle of 15° on both sides. Cutco knives are ready after a total of 25 steps.


Keep in mind that Cutco provides only one type of design. Also, this 8 inches long Cutco knife is no less than any Chef’s knife.


The handles of the Cutco knives are made up of type 65-18 nickel. And the exposed rivers are silver in color. This composition is an alloy of zinc, copper, and nickel. This metal is popularly known for resisting corrosion, stains, and tarnish. However, the thermo resin handle looks a bit chunky. However, this rugged surface is for perfect hand grip. Therefore it acts as a universal wedge lock.

The design is also very unique. Moreover, it is also a perfect fit in an average size hand. Also, it doesn’t matter whether you are a lefty or righty. But the grip might be uncomfortable for people who have short and large hands. The blade of the Chef’s knife is about 5.5 inches long.


Three types of colors of handles are available in the market today. Thus, these colors include red, black, and pearl. You will also notice a bit of marble pattern on the surface of the handle. Also, the color is not so solid.

Blade Edge

Cutco knives introduce two types of blades- double-D and straight. Straight blades are used for paring knives. And, the double-D edge is used as a slicer. Moreover, consecutive blades are for clean and precise cuts. Also, unlike straight knives, double-D blades must be sent back to the brand to sharpen them. The upper structure has a polished finish and a sharp hollow ground edge.

Warranty and Guarantee Period

Most of the brands provide a 30-day warranty period. But Cutco offers something different. Cutco knives provide you with numerous exciting guarantee offers. Cutco knives look for customer satisfaction and convenience. Moreover, the forever guarantee which Cutco provides includes sharpness, user convenience, and performance. For any damage, Cutco must either replace or repair the knife.

Reviewer's Words for Aerotrainer

Cutco keeps knife edges flawlessly and it just sharpen with cutco sharpener very easily. If you feel some issue with this knife you can send any of the blades to Cutco & they will repair or replace it for you. They offer quality item sponsored by a strong guarantee and incredible client support. some people have these knives for 33 years & condition that i observed is same as almost new. Here below i have mentioned my Cutco knives reviews.

What We Like

  • 15 days money return guarantee
  • Forever guarantee period
  • Use of only stamped blades
  • Chunky handle, perfect hand grip
  • High-quality steel

What We Dislike

  • Overpriced product
  • Less sharpened knives
  • Has no bolster

Conclusion Of Cutco knives review

My final Words, Cutco knives are the best & well worth at this price. The tip is very sharpen & please do not put them in dishwasher, It has Excellent quality, very sharp cutting tool. I don’t have much words to say since each & every point i have covered in this review blog. if you want to explore more kitchen product you can visit this section on this website.

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