WYLD App- Maximize Earnings with Wyld’s Social Currency Card

What is WYLD?

  • Define WYLD as a platform that leverages your social media influence to earn cashbacks and rewards through shopping and sharing.
  • Briefly explain the core concept of “social currency” and how it differs from traditional currencies.
  • Mention the target audience (e.g., social media influencers, active shoppers) and highlight any unique selling points (USPs) like specific social media platforms it integrates with.

How It Works: Unleash Your Social Power and Earn with WYLD

WYLD empowers you to turn your social influence into real rewards through a simple 3-step process: shop, post, earn. Let’s dive into each step:

1. Shop:

  • Browse partnered brands: WYLD collaborates with a wide range of popular brands like Myntra, Swiggy, and Zomato. Explore their diverse catalog and find exciting deals and offers.
  • Make a purchase: Use your WYLD card (physical or virtual) or linked payment method at checkout. Remember, not all offers might be applicable to both methods.
  • Double-check the terms: Ensure your purchase fulfills the criteria for cashback or reward activation. This usually involves minimum purchase amounts or specific product categories.

Example: You buy a new phone on Myntra using your WYLD card for ₹15,000. The offer provides 5% cashback.

2. Post:

  • Flaunt your purchase: Share your exciting purchase on your Instagram profile. Tag the brand involved and use the designated WYLD hashtag (e.g., #WYLDpurchase).
  • Be creative: Engage your audience with a caption about your experience or why you chose the product. The more authentic and interesting your post, the better!
  • Follow the guidelines: Make sure your post complies with WYLD’s sharing guidelines, which are readily available on their app or website.

3. Earn:

  • Sit back and relax: Once your purchase and post are verified (usually within 24-48 hours), your cashback or reward gets credited to your WYLD account.
  • Track your earnings: Monitor your progress through the app’s intuitive dashboard, seeing how much you’ve earned and the remaining steps to withdraw or utilize your rewards.

Cashback vs. Social Currency:

WYLD might offer different reward structures depending on the brand and offer. Some might provide direct cashback in your chosen currency (e.g., ₹), while others might reward you with WYLD’s social currency, “WYLD Cash.” This currency can be used for future purchases on partnered brands or exchanged for cashback through the app.

Concerns Addressed:

  • Earning caps: Some offers might have limitations on maximum cashback or WYLD Cash earned. These details are usually clearly displayed alongside the offer information.
  • Legitimacy and transparency: WYLD partners with established brands and adheres to clear guidelines for both purchases and social sharing. You can find detailed information about their processes and policies on their website or app.

Remember: The more you shop, post, and engage, the more you earn! With a strategic approach and creative sharing, WYLD can help you unlock the value of your social influence and earn real rewards.

Tip: Keep an eye out for special campaigns and bonus offers that can significantly boost your earning potential!

I hope this detailed explanation clarifies how WYLD works. If you have any further questions or specific concerns, feel free to ask!

Eligibility and Requirements:

  • Minimum follower count: Clearly state the minimum number of followers required on Instagram (if applicable) to be eligible for the WYLD card and/or platform. Mention if there are different requirements for creators vs. regular users.
  • Location: Specify countries or regions where WYLD operates and if there are any geographical restrictions on eligibility.
  • Age: Mention the minimum age requirement (usually 18 or 21).
  • Other criteria: List any additional requirements like having a public Instagram profile, no history of fake followers, or specific content restrictions.
  • Restrictions: Be transparent about any limitations on social media platforms, content types, or brand partnerships that might affect eligibility or earning potential.
  • Rationale: Briefly explain the reasoning behind the requirements, such as ensuring fair competition and platform sustainability.
  • Fairness and inclusivity: Acknowledge concerns about fairness and inclusivity, and explain how WYLD strives to create an accessible platform for all eligible users.

Investor Information (if publicly available):

  • Research publicly available information about WYLD’s investors, funding rounds, and company goals. Cite credible sources like news articles, press releases, or official company filings.
  • Maintain neutrality and avoid promotional language. Focus on factual information without endorsing or promoting any specific investor or funding round.
  • Address concerns about financial stability and long-term viability by presenting the information objectively and highlighting any relevant positive developments.

Security and Privacy:

  • Find and summarize key points from WYLD’s data collection practices, user privacy policies, and security measures. You can usually find this information on their website or app.
  • Address concerns about data security and user privacy by explaining what data is collected, how it’s used, and what security measures are in place to protect it. Be specific about steps taken to ensure data privacy and user control over their information.
  • Provide references to relevant policies or documentation for transparency and allow users to access detailed information themselves.

User Reviews and Feedback:

  • Gather representative user reviews from various sources like app stores, review websites, and social media. Include both positive and negative reviews to offer a balanced perspective.
  • Focus on addressing common concerns or issues raised in the reviews. Acknowledge challenges and explain how WYLD is working to improve. For example, address issues like earning potential, platform usability, or customer support response times.
  • Demonstrate transparency and responsiveness to user feedback by highlighting instances where feedback has led to positive changes or improvements on the platform.


Maximize your social power for real rewards! WYLD empowers you to earn cashback and social currency through everyday shopping and sharing. With its user-friendly platform, diverse brand partnerships, and transparent earning systems, WYLD offers a unique opportunity to turn your influence into something valuable. Ready to unleash your earning potential? Download the app today and join the WYLD community!

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